From: Espanola Humane Society
Date: 12/20/2016
Good Morning Everyone,
Hope you are staying warm. I can not Thank you enough for taking and finding homes for our animals since we could not be there. We appreciate so much. Spike and Sugar and the 3 heeler pups that are a little shy all came from the same home. But if you split them up they are so much better. Mimi is a really little ham we were surprised she didn't get adopted sooner. Again Thank you all. As always you do such a great JOB!!
Best Holidays to each of you and your families!!
Transport Coordinator 

Dear Watermelon Mountain Ranch Staff (and especially Sara and Valentina who so warmly greeted us) 


Thank you very much for the tour and for the quality time you gave us to share the good work you are doing. It was definetly a high point for the group. May God guide & bless you as you care for this Creation and all it's critters. 



Fr. Alex 

St. Francis Episcopal Church

We will never forget the two dogs we found roaming the streets and brought to you to get fixed so they could get a new home. I will always thank you for helping us.


Karen Brown & Mary Reed

Albuqerque NM

Dear Sophia,


Thank you for al you are doing for all these animals.  You are a true blessing to me and everyone in need that you come across. I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my rescued animals when I was so ill. May God Bless you always and all the others at WMR.


Much Love

Maddy McGee

New Mexico

Dear Sophia.


Thank you and your staff for what you are doing for the animals of New Mexico.  I know how proud my husband (Dr. Robert Blake, WMR Deceased veterinarian) would have been of you all.

I miss Watermelon and New Mexico.  God Bless you


Marlene Blake.  Texas.

To: Sophia Diclemente, CEO WMR

From: Paul R. Caster, Acting Director

Subject: Watermelon Mountain Ranch Support of AWD

Date: 30 January 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to personally, and on behalf of the entire Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department (AAWD), thank the staff, managers, and directors of Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) rescue for their assistance and support during 2015.

The Founder and CEO Sophia Diclemente and Executive Director Sarah Garrigan rescued thousands of animals from our shelters, thereby alleviating the stress on our staff and volunteers and help ensure their happy forever homes. 

This amazing team also worked with AAWD to host a number of critical outreach events.  It is the outreach that allows us to come into our citizen’s neighborhoods and show them the high quality pets available from their local shelters and rescue organizations.  As if that wasn’t enough, WMR has rescues our homeless cats to populate the on-site adoption facility Sophia has set up with PetSmart only steps from our main shelter.

We in the rescue community are all working towards a common goal…saving our homeless pets.  There are, however times when competition for adopters and fosters can cause friction between rescuers.  In the dozen years I have been working within this community with AWD and most of the other rescues in our area, I have seen that Sophia, Sarah, and their staff sets the example of how we should all get along for the sake of the pets.

No one can truly say how many homeless animals may have suffered terrible deaths if organizations like WMR had not stepped up and actively not only rescue specific animals, but spay and neuter them so as to stop the terrible companion pet explosion our nation experiences daily.  This does not even address the educational value of our contact with the citizens of our areas.  Events hosted by WMR have gone a long way to not only letting our public know we have a homeless pet problem, but in enlisting their assistance and support in addressing it. 

Suffice it to say that the reduction in needless suffering of homeless pets has been reduced significantly over the last decade in large part due to efforts of Watermelon Mountain Ranch.  They are a partner in our quest to save every homeless pet that we are proud to stand with, and appreciate every day.

Paul R. Caster

Acting Director 
Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department

p.s. (which I will pen on the original) Don’t tell anyone, but one of my personal dogs was adopted from WMR!

The Town of Bernalillo is in support of Watermelon Mountain Ranch. Of particular interest to the Town is the animal shelter and related services provided. Benalillo is like many other towns in that we have serious problems with respect to stray and unwanted animals. This is a much needed facility and the Town of Bernalillo endorses the project.

Ron Abousleman
Town Manager/Clerk
Town of Bernalillo 

We believe the Watermelon Ranch is going to be a great asset for the county. We would like to support them in any way possible.

Sean Moore
Sandoval County 4-H Agent

The need for a shelter and refuge for animals and humans in Sandoval County will be met with this wonderful facility. The FSIP, Inc (Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos) welcomes the programs and animal sheltering capability proposed by Watermelon Mountain Ranch. There is a major over population of domestic animals on the pueblos and WMR has committed their support in helping to resolve this issue. Please accept our words of support and be assured that the Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos INc. is looking forward to having Watermelon Mountain Ranch as a good neighbor.

James Roger Madalena
Executive Director

It has been a pleasure to watch the remarkable development of Watermelon Mountain Ranch and its growing impact in our communities. Through the dedicated work of Sophia & Lee DiClemente and their  staff, abused/abandoned and homeless animals in our state have found a safe haven. The work with young people and the emphasis on education are helping to build compassion, responsibility and awaremess in the next generation. This is a labor of love that has resulted in better lives for both the animals and the people of New Mexico.

Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico