Adoption Details & Fees

Guidelines for Adoption

AdoptDontShopSo you’re ready to get a dog or cat, congratulations! You’ll add a loving member to your family and enrich your quality of life as well as your new pets life. We are the largest no-kill shelter in New Mexico and we have plenty of purebreds, mixed-breeds, big dogs and little dogs -- you’re sure to find a great companion.

And when you adopt from us, you’ll give a dog or cat a second chance at finding a home and you will not add to the nation’s pet overpopulation problem. The reality is that an estimated 3.7 million unwanted pets must be euthanized at animal shelters every year -- many because they could not find families to adopt them. We are trying to reduce that number as much as we can by taking in dogs that would otherwise be euthanized at other shelters and care for them until we find them a furever home!

Come see us today to adopt your new family member.

Dog Adoption Fees

  • Large Breed Puppies 6 months and under         $200
  • Small Breed Puppies 6 months and under         $250
  • Large Breed Dogs 6 months to 2 years             $125
  • Small Breed Dogs 6 months to 2 years             $150
  • Large Breed Dogs 2 years to 5 years                $100
  • Small Breed Dogs 2 years to 5 years                $120
  • Large Breed over 5 years                                $80
  • Small Breed over 5 years                                $95
  • Long Term Dogs (at WMR over 1 year)              $50

*A.K.C. Registered Dogs additional $100 

*Purebred Dogs (No Papers) additional $75

Our Adoption Fees include: Spay/Neuter, Microchipping and Age-Appropriate Shots. All Dogs will have these items done Prior to Adoption.

Cat Adoption Fees

  • $100 Adoption Fee for Kittens (2 to 11 Months)
  • $85 Adoption Fee for Cats (1 to 5 Years)
  • $75 Adoption Fee for Senior Cats (6 Years and Older)
  • $250 Adoption Fee for Rare Breed Cats (Such as Hairless, Cornish Rex, Abyssinian, Snowshoe, Ragdoll, etc. Under 6 years old)

Our Adoption Fees include: Spay/Neuter, Microchipping, Age-Appropriate Shots and a Feline Lukemia Test. All Cats will have these items done Prior to Adoption.


Average Direct Cost to Care for a WMR Animal Before Adoption

The average stay is 6 weeks

Food $50.00
Spay/Neuter Surgery: $90.00
Microchip (includes registration): $20.00
Vaccinations: $11.00
De-worm: $.25
Misc. Meds: $.50
Collars: $1.00
Tags: $.50
Kennel Staff Wages: $135.00
Adoption Kits: $1.00
PR Materials: $.25
Utilities: $12.00
5% for Misc.: $12.00



* $333.50 is our average cost excluding any unforeseen medical costs or required professional grooming. If pets participate at mobile adoptions add $7.50 per appearance for staff and transport.