Happy Tails

These are Our Happy Tails of Our Adopted Animals Finding their Furever Homes

Happy Tails

It was a normal trip to Petsmart to get cat food, litter, and treats. What I didn't know is I was going to go home with a new friend and family member! after picking up my cat litter, I decided to stroll by the adoption area, and there SHE was!!! Wanda, the sweetest little girl ever. She looked exactly like my other dog at home. It was love at first sight! I kneeled down next to her cage and she gently licked my hand. She was a little timid and unsure but so sweet. I couldn't help but notice that her coat needed a washing and hoped that I could be the one to do that for her. After about 1 minute, I knew she had to be mine. After talking to  an adoption counselor, I rushed home to get my other dog, Waldo, so he could meet her and see if they would get along. Luckily they did!! After completing the paperwork, and a quick trip down the treat aisle, we were on our way home!

We decided to rename our girl Winnie. It just fit. So we had Winnie and Waldo. Two look-alike terriers that would become the best of friends! Winnie became a part of our family instantly. It's like she was always there. Snuggling up on the bed in between my legs like she had been my dog for years. I could tell she was so thankful to finally be HOME. My son and my other dog both love her and we could never imagine our lives without her. My husband....well, he was not too fond of another dog in the house at first, but now he's coming around :) I mean how can you not love her face!

And so, Winnie has her very own Happy Tails story. And so do I!! Thank you Watermelon Mountain Ranch for saving another life. And by that, I mean you saved mine.