Happy Tails

These are Our Happy Tails of Our Adopted Animals Finding their Furever Homes

If seeing the same puppy 2 days in a row, all it's litter mates adopted but not her at the end of the weekend is not a sign that this dog was meant to come home with us I don't know what is.. I called my husband as he and my son have yet to even see her.. and the first thing I said as we had told him about her the night before was "Whitney is still here!"  

So I was authorized to use the check book and adopt Whitney..  She is really Alana's dog.. But she follows me around more as I work out of the home and am the primary care taker.. 

Whitney is a great dog..   Chewing on my plants and pulling bulbs out of the ground right now.. But she is very spoiled and loved.. My husband keeps saying he has never seen a dog give hugs.. but she does.. to myself and Alana.. She will get into your lap and then put her head on your shoulder and lean into you.. she acts like she is a 5 LB lap dog but really she is a 45 LB lap dog.. 

She loves to play with Sadie and Sadie the same.. but like any big sister you get tired of the little one not giving you space.. so we tend to see Sadie sitting in a chair to get away from her when she is done playing.. Also Whitney tends to like to chew on Sadies tail as Whitney has a bob tail ..  We have had her for 6 months now and she gets along with the cats.  Follows them but does not fight or chase.. We are still trying to get her to understand that the cat box is not her personal feeding dish.. She loves the snow and loves to sleep on her back on the sofa or outside when the sun is out.. Both our dogs are inside dogs however Whitney loves to be outside as much as she can..  All in all she is wonderful.  

We will actually be moving soon,  Next 5 months to Oregon.. so she will have a new adventure coming up..