Vet Services

Helping You Keep Your Pet Healthy

Spay and NeuterThe mission for Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) is to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned, unwanted and abused animals.

A primary focus towards reaching this goal, is to provide spay and neuter assistance to stop the overpopulation of animals within Central and Northern New Mexico.  Our spay and neuter program is essential to stem the tide of unwanted pets and unnecessary euthanasia.

We offer assistance to families / individuals in need, so that they can fix their pet(s) and help stop the overpopulation problem that encompasses our community. 

* All animals that are adopted out from WMR have been spayed / neutered, in addition to receiving all age-appropriate vaccinations and a microchip.


See below for details on the spay & neuter program for the public, as well as once a month dental cleanings. 


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