Happy Tails

These are Our Happy Tails of Our Adopted Animals Finding their Furever Homes

Dear Diary,

AKA FestusGood morning! It certainly is! Today is Monday, September 17, 2012. I am all moved in to my new home! Finally, after about six weeks at Watermelon Ranch, I have a new forever and ever home. I have nothing against the wonderful humans at WR; after all, they provided for me when my old family could no longer do so. But it wasn’t a “settled” life for an old guy like me.

My new humans are pretty smart. I’ve taught them how to play fetch and tug of war. Next to my new humans, my favorite thing is my squeaky ball on a rope. I also have a little pink fuzzy lamb I like to chew on. I have a beautiful red collar that complements my black coat very smartly. When I take my human for a walk (and really – can’t she walk any faster???) I wear a comfy harness that doesn’t bother my throat. So much for my theatrical gagging!

My new name is Gus, short for Ferguson. Evidently I remind them of a Scottish terrier. Whatever. As long as they keep putting food in my bowl and let me sit with them, I’ll answer to nothing.

I also want to let you know that other than a few lapses in judgment upon arrival at my new home, I have been very well behaved. I guess it was the excitement of having a whole new house. I just wanted to make everything “mine”. Last night I slept in my very own comfy, plush bed right beside my human’s bed. I would have preferred to have slept on their bed with them, but although I went to sleep pouting, everyone had a full night’s rest.

I have been told to expect a bath today. *sigh* I guess it’s just one of those things we all have to endure. Tomorrow I will have a visit with Dr. Williams. Since the people at WM already made sure I had all my shots, this shouldn’t be too traumatic. After all, it means I get to go for a car ride again!

Well, my walk has tuckered me plumb out. It’s time for a nice morning nap while my human clicks away at the little black box on her lap. ‘Til next time –

Gus (aka Festus)