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Watermelon Mountain Ranch, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is New Mexico's Largest No-Kill Animal Shelter for homeless pets providing adoption, spay/neuter, and educational programs including Molly's Mercy Missions.

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All who enter will find love...

Thousands of lost, abandoned and stray animals are euthanized every year in New Mexico. When Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) was conceived a group of like-minded volunteers began to rescue and find homes for animals in Sandoval County and Albuquerque.

Since that time, our rescue efforts have expanded to most of the counties throughout New Mexico as well as southern Texas and Juarez, Mexico.


From its small beginnings to the present time, WMR has rescued and adopted out over 150,000 animals into loving homes. The dream has become a reality, and WMR is one of the premier not-for-profit facilities in the Southwest. The 10-acre facility has become New Mexico’s Largest No-Kill Animal Shelter.



A No-Kill animal facility in New Mexico was the dream of Sophia and Lee DiClemente in early 1996, shortly after they moved to the area. There were thousands of lost, abandoned, and stray animals being euthanized every year in New Mexico. Together with a group of like-minded volunteers, WMR began to rescue and find homes for animals in Sandoval County and Albuquerque. 




WMR has worked hard to involve the local community and youth organizations in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation through education. We have created programs targeted towards children and teens to gets them involved in working with the animals and volunteering at our facility and adoption sites. Through these programs, we have been able to creating a lasting impression on their lives.