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Foster Care to Adoption Program

"All who enter will find love." This statement holds true for the thousands of dogs and cats that are rescued and placed into loving homes each year.

Watermelon Mountain Ranch places 100% of the animals that are surrendered or brought in as rescues to our facility. Each month, up to 200 animals are placed into temporary foster homes until qualified permanent homes are found for them. Our volunteer foster families work tireless hours feeding and caring for these abandoned animals until they are socialized and ready for adoption.

A girl and her dog

There are cases where a dog or cat will go into foster for the duration of their lives. Some of these animals are seniors and deserve to spend the golden time in a soft bed instead of the shelter. Others may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and need end of life care in a comfortable home environment. And lastly some may have a chronic condition that makes adoption nearly impossible or needs continual rehab to feel safe in a home. Regardless of the reason, our perpetual care/hospice fosters often have the hardest job, knowing they are taking care of an animal that may only be with them a short time. These fosters often fall in love and are heartbroken when the animals depart for the rainbow bridge. We are so thankful for those that choose to be part of this program. 

We love our fosters and they are important for our success at adopting animals! Apply to become a canine or feline foster today.

Questions for our canine foster team? Email at for more information

Questions for our feline foster team? Email at for more information



"I just wanted to thank you for matching us with Fanny. She fits into the family perfectly. She is so funny and we keep finding out new things about her every day. Our cat, who is very alpha, really seems to enjoy her. They trot after each other when they are feeling frisky." 

-Teresa & Family

**Fanny is a 16 year old collie mix that suffers from eye allergies and is on continual medication to treat

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