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The mission for Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) is to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned, unwanted and abused animals.


A primary focus towards reaching this goal, is to provide spay and neuter assistance to stop the overpopulation of animals within Central and Northern New Mexico.  Our spay and neuter program is essential to stem the tide of unwanted pets and unnecessary euthanasia.​ We offer assistance to families and individuals in need, so that they can fix their pet(s) and help stop the overpopulation problem that encompasses our community.  

We also offer a variety of other services that your pets need to keep them healthy and happy. Click on the program below for more information on the  on the spay & neuter program for the public, as well as once a month dental cleanings. 

For the safety of all of the animals at Watermelon Mountain Ranch, cats and dogs must meet certain requirements to obtain vet services at our clinic. Below are the requirements for cats and dogs at the Ranch. 

Dog Spay/Neuter Information


Female dogs must be out of heat for two weeks.

Due to our limited facility severely overweight animals are not currently eligible for the spay & neuter program


  • Medium to large breed: 4 months to 5 years (we cannot accept older dogs)

  • Small breed: 6 months of age or older


  • Must be current and be able to provide records.

  • Puppies (under 6 months of age) must have minimum of 3 DHLPP-distemper/parvo shots.

  • Puppies (6 months to 1 year of age) must have a minimum of 2 DHLPP shots

  • Dogs (1 year to 1.5 years old) must have 2 DHLPP- distemper/parvo shots. (2nd shot can be given at time of surgery)

  • Adult dogs (over 1.5 years of age) must have 1 DHLPP-distemper parvo shots.

  • Rabies Vaccinations can be done at time of surgery.

  • DHLPP-distemper parvo shots, can be administered Friday-Sunday from 11am to 3pm at the main facility

Limitations: WE DO NOT spay/neuter dogs over 5 years of age, or dogs that are aggressive. Unfortunately we are unable to spay/neuter brachycephalic dogs. (Pug, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs).


  • Male dogs less than 30 lbs - $115

  • Male dogs 31 -60 lbs - $135

  • Male dogs 61-75 lbs- $155

  • Female dogs under 30 lbs - $135

  • Female dogs 31- 60 lbs - $155

  • Female dogs 61-75 lbs- $175

​*Non-refundable deposit of $40 will be applied to the cost of the surgery


Learn about the Low Income Program and find out if you qualify HERE

Cat Spay/Neuter Information




  • 4 months to 5 years 


  • Must be current and be able to provide records.

  • Kittens/Cats must have minimum of 2 FVRCP.

  • Rabies Vaccinations can be done at time of surgery


Limitations: WE DO NOT spay/neuter cats over 5 years of age or those that are aggressive or feral.


  • Male cats - $75

  • Female cats - $85

  • Female cats (in heat)- $100

- Non-refundable $40 deposit required, which will be applied to the cost of the surgery.

- If you are low income and in need of assistance to get your cat spayed or neutered please contact Zimmer Feline Foundation

- If you are a low income resident  click here for information on the Low Income Program.


Additional Fees

Fees apply for the following conditions and will be based upon the size of the animal:

  • Abdominal cryptorchid in males (failure of one or both testes to descend) If both testes are not descended  surgery will not place.

  • Umbilical Hernia

  • In heat (WMR does not routinely operate on animals in heat) or pregnant (DOGS only). Minimum of $50, Maximum of $100 additional fees.


Dental Cleaning
Cleanings can be scheduled up to once per month.

Cost: $185 (non-refundable deposit $50)


  • Small Breed: under 30 pounds, up to 7 years old

  • ​Large Breed: 30 - 70 pounds, up to 5 years old

  • ​Extensive Cleaning Charge: $230 (determined at initial exam



Other Vet Services

  • Rabies Vaccination

    • 1 Year - $15

    • 3 Year - $20

  • DHLPP Vaccination for Dogs - $15

  • FVRCP Vaccination for Cats - $15

  • Microchipping (including registration) - $25

  • Nail Trim - $5


For more information about our Vet Clinic or Spay/Neuter Program information, please email or call 505-359-1706