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2023 Nov End of Year Appeal FINAL.png
2023 Nov End of Year Appeal FINAL2.png

2023 End of Year Wrap Up

Dear Friend of the Watermelon Animals,

This has been a busy year at the Ranch, where we have seen so many sad and confused animals come through our gate. Some of our animals may have a long road ahead of them, but we never give up on them. We believe that every single animal deserves the chance to find a loving and caring new famil
y, no matter how long it takes. 

Winston’s story is a sad one. This adorable Shar-Pei mix was on a municipal shelter’s euthanasia list due to his eye condition that left his eyes swollen shut and unable to see. We took Winston in and could see he was not doing well. We recognized the raw pink spot on his nose (known as kennel nose from rubbing it on the kennel bars) that told us his anxiety and stress levels were at an all time high. We didn’t know what his condition was, but we did know that he had many years of life (and love) left in him and we could not let him die. 

Winston endured two surgeries to repair his eye condition and is a shining example of why we won’t leave anyone behind. This pocket size, wrinkled love bug is ready for his close up now and looking for a forever home.

Abandoned Cats and Kittens 
Belle, Flame, Lily, Felix, Tallulah, Moe, Gladys and Ace. Where do we begin to tell the story of the hundreds of dumped cats and kittens we took in this year? A sealed tote with small holes punched in the lid does not sustain life on a 95 degree day in the direct desert sun. But that is what we found on a summer morning last July (right). Drenched in sweat and panting from lack of air, ten babies plus a momma cat inside were bare alive. We are happy to report we were able to save all of them, provide spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations before finding them forever homes. Thanks to you, to your compassion and generosity we are here for them.

Through Molly’s Mercy Missions we were able to save over 1,500 animals this year. We cannot do this without the support and kindness of donors like you.
Your donation is crucial to providing animals with the lifesaving medical care, spay/neuter resources, and love they so desperately need. 

Your donation, no matter the size, will make a significant impact on the lives of our furry friends. Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion for the animals. 

For the love of animals,

Sophia DiClemente
Watermelon Mountain Ranch

P.S. If you have already sent in your donation, THANK YOU! Watermelon Mountain Ranch is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that receives no city, state or federal funding. We must earn or raise 100% of our annual operating budget. Please donate and continue our life-saving mission for the animals. 


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