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We are so happy to hear that the cats and dogs rescued by Watermelon Mountain Ranch are healthy and happy in their forever homes. Read some of their stories below.

To Top of Happy Tails

Dear Team Watermelon,


In 2013, I adopted Mimi (now known as Poppy), a beautiful, lovable kitten. She has brought nothing but joy to my life and my household. 


She is now three years old, and is even more beautiful and lovable. She sleeps with me every night and is a feminine princess. 


Last year, she was the cover girl for the Santa Fe Pet Calendar. 


Excerpt from the calendar: 


"I had been looking for a while for a friend to my cat, Izzy. Poppy truly has become such a wonderful companion and so special to have in my home. She is definitely a princess and I hope everyone will enjoy seeing her on the cover of the 2016 Pet Calendar as much as I will." 


Thank you for the happiness your shelter has brought to me. 


Cynthia, January 2016


We adopted her on Friday 10/25 at the Cottonwood Petsmart event. She is doing very well and is very happy. 
Thanks for letting us adopt her!


Meant To Be

If seeing the same puppy 2 days in a row, all it's litter mates adopted but not her at the end of the weekend is not a sign that this dog was meant to come home with us I don't know what is.. I called my husband as he and my son have yet to even see her.. and the first thing I said as we had told him about her the night before was "Whitney is still here!"  

We Hit the Jackpot

It has been almost 2 years since I have adopted Patia (we call her Honey Love) and I just wanted to update you.  She is doing very well.  I have learned a lot about her and we have become very bonded!  She is so beautiful and loves people!  She also loves dogs but doesn't make it obvious to strange ones!  She has beena true blessing and she is dearly loved and cared for.

Copper has found his furever home. From deathrow to finding the girl that he adores and a family that adores him right back! Go Copper (formerly Nacho) enjoy your furever home!) 

-August, 2016


As cute as puppies are, I prefer the mellow nature of an old, sleepy dog snoring on her bed.  Sadie totally fits the bill, in that regard.  She and Zena seem to be getting on fine, if cautiously, and Sadie has been the perfect addition to our little Placitas family. - April, 2016

We fostered Meeko about a year and a half ago from WMR.  He was about 4 months old and was scheduled to be euthanized in a shelter down south. When I picked him up from the ranch he was barking like crazy and you could tell he had been in a rough situation. Once I got him home and settled he was like velcro! He instantly became the sweetest puppy that just wanted to be loved. He is such a lovable sweet boy and loves to sit in your lap and be with you all the time! In the two weeks that we were supposed to foster him, he made himself right at home in our family and we knew he was a permanent member! He and my son are so close that I sometimes will find Meeko sleeping right on his pillow cuddled up next to him in the morning. He can still be afraid of other people and dogs, but we've been working with him on learning that he is safe and very loved. He even graduated from Puppy School at Petsmart (granted he had to go to private lessons since he was so scared of the other dogs and people.) But he is such a goofy sweet baby, that we love him no matter what! 


I reached out to WMR this December to foster again after our 16 year old fur baby had passed away a few months previously. I wasn't looking to adopt yet, but we felt a hole where Harley was and thought Meeko and our fur baby Holly could use some company for a little while. Imagine my surprise a few days later when I found out several litters of puppies were coming up the Ranch for an Adoptathon event that were set to be euthanized in the shelter they were in! I offered to foster the little 10 week old Aussie/Husky mix little girl and picked her up at Petsmart. I took her with me to go pick up my other son from school and it was love at first sight between them! She laid right down in his lap and fell asleep! We again, pretty much decided that she was meant to be and we wound up adopting her too! We named her River and she and Meeko are the best buddies! They love to play together and they both are so happy to have a friend (Our other fur baby prefers to be alone). My son who bonded with her right away has Autism and he and River have been the best thing for each other as well. He is so calm and caring with her, and in turn, she gives him the companionship and love that he needed. Our "foster failures" were the best failures we've ever done! It turned out that we needed them as much as they needed us.


The Keene Family

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