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Please browse all of our programs and select the program you would like to donate too. All the donations are processed through Network For Good or Classy Giving on their secure server. Your donations are helping to save some of the most vulnerable lives. Those donations are also helping to stem the tide of unwanted animals that are entering our gates every week.. Thank you for all you do to help the animals in need. 



In October, 2018, WMR received a desperate plea from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

A rural shelter in Southern Texas was euthanizing approximately 60% of the animals in their facility each year. With the impending hurricanes those numbers were only going to rise. With that in mind the #800pups initiative began. WMR committed to taking 100 endangered dogs before Thanksgiving. 74 dogs have already entered the gates of WMR and have a safe haven.

We cannot give up on them no matter the cost.


Will you help THEM? 



Every week we are contacted by high kill municipal shelters from across the state. Shelters that are doing everything they can to save lives but just don't have the space, resources or support to avoid euthanasia. These rescues plead for help and we answer the call, even when resources are running short. We are committed to saving as many lives as possible. Many of these dogs decompress as soon as they arrive to the ranch, it's as if they know they are no longer in danger and are finally going to be given a chance at furever. Many of these dogs and cats come to us needing extensive medical conditions. Dog's like Rocky that needed treatment for a neck wound. And all the others that need just the basic vetting: shots, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, and parasite treatment. 



Lee Martin DiClemente, co-founder of Watermelon Mountain Ranch, passed away on September 8, 2010. He was 67. It was Lee’s dream to create a retirement facility for the senior dogs and cats that came to the Ranch. He wanted to provide a comfortable, safe and quite environment for our elderly dogs and cats. Though many of our senior citizens are young at heart, they prefer a quite environment that will separate them from the rambunctious teenage dogs and cats we have at the Ranch.


In his honor, we are hard at work making his dream a reality. We have been able to secure six (6) buildings towards creating our retirement community, but still have a long way to go. In order for our dream to be fulfilled, we still require funding for heating, cooling, flooring, insulation, fencing and concrete to keep our four-legged residents comfortable and safe.


Aside from providing a quiet and relaxing space for our residents, Lee's Retirement Village allows us to open space for new dogs and cats. By creating additional space, it helps to prevent us from turning anyone away. Thus, eliminating animals from going to shelters where they may not have the opportunity to find a safe and loving home.


Special Needs Pets

We receive many pets that have special needs or require surgery. In order to provide them with the medical care they require as well as assistance to accommodate their needs, it is essential to raise funding.


Please help us continue to care for these special pets so that we can provide them with the assistance they need to become healthy and find a forever home.



The mission for Watermelon Mountain Ranch is to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned, unwanted and abused animals. A primary focus towards reaching this goal, is to provide spay and neuter assistance to stop the overpopulation of animals within Central and Northern New Mexico.  Our spay and neuter program is essential to stem the tide of unwanted pets and unnecessary euthanasia. We are always in need of donations to help continue this program and stop overpopulation.


A dream of the Watermelon Mountain Ranch founders since the beginning, a chapel is now poised to become a reality.


  • Four Paws Chapel will be a place where you can honor your pets.

  • Angel's Rest will be a final resting place for your pets.



WMR takes in dozens of animals each month. Donations and funding are at record lows. Animal intakes are at record highs. You can help the desperate animals through the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Give-Back Project; a $20 or more donation program providing food, medical attention and caring for the thousands of animals who come to Watermelon Mountain Ranch while waiting to be adopted. You may make a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual donation - just choose a frequency and it will be done automatically.


Our Buy-A-Brick program allows you to create a lasting memorial for friends (two and four-legged) while helping us to continue our important work. This is a red brick, just like you would build a house with. But this brick is sandblasted with your choice of words and if you’d like – a dog or cat paw print. The letters are then made more visible with black paint. 

As we receive the finished bricks, they will be added to our Memorial Brick Garden which is taking shape in front our main entrance at the Ranch.

The brick is approximately 8x4x2 inches and may contain up to three rows of eighteen characters. $75 per brick. You may optionally add a paw print at the top-left, top-right, or both for an additional $10 per print.

The bricks orders are placed when a minimum of ten orders have been accumulated. Once this is done the bricks will arrive at the ranch with 3 weeks. Donors are notified as soon as the bricks arrive. For any questions, please contact Sara at or 505-507-7081


Every month, we have basic operating expenses for veterinary medical care, dog and cat food, bedding for the animals, toys and treats, office and cleaning supplies, as well as utilities and staffing to keep the shelter running.

Provide ongoing support for the dogs and cats at Watermelon Mountain Ranch through a monthly donation. Your regular monthly financial support will let us spend less time on fund raising and more time on programs and activities that serve animals in need. Your donation will be processed automatically on the 1st of each month and will recur monthly until you change your billing information or cancel your support. (We can adjust to bill on other dates.) All donations are tax deductible.


Another way you can continue to show your dedication to Watermelon Mountain Ranch for many years to come is through our Legacy Giving Program. This is planned giving that lets you donate a monetary gift to the Ranch, and one way to do this is with life insurance.


Charitable gifts of life insurance, both large and small, are a meaningful way to support an organization you clearly care about. Legacy Giving benefits you and the charities to which you give, long after you’re gone. It provides the opportunity to give more than you ever thought possible, through the life insurance benefit. 


Your monetary gift could provide Watermelon with funding to save more lives of the abused, abandoned and neglected pets that arrive at the Ranch daily. 


To learn more about how you can leave a gift to Watermelon Mountain Ranch through the Legacy Giving Program, please contact our representative below.

Jeni Parks (email)
WoodmenLife Insurance
Tel 505-293-9542

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