It's a thought that no one likes to think about, but what would happen to the long-term care of your pets if something happened to you?

With our Perpetual Care Program, Watermelon Mountain Ranch (WMR) offers a solution to give you that peace of mind. This program offers help to those who may not have family to care for their animals in the event their animals should outlive them or if they become incapacitated. When you participate in WMR's Perpetual Care Program you will work with our Coordinators to map out a plan for the future needs of your pets.

This may include the facilitation of adoption into a new and qualified loving home. Or a permanent residence on our 10 acre ranch where they will be spoiled in the comfort of their own cottage and have daily interaction with ranch staff and volunteers. Either way, our goal is to provide the best long-term care for your pets needs.

According to Albuquerque Estate Planners, Shawn Deasy, P.C. and Tom Smidt, one should plan on $1,200 for a small dog to $1,800 for a large dog for basic food, supplies and medical care on an annual basis. Feline maintenance and care runs around $1,100 annually. This is based on supplying premium kibble, daily scoopable litter, annual exams, toys, collars, licenses, vaccinations, tests and supplies. Ms. Deasy also recommends her clients allow an additional $5,000 - $10,000 in case of extraordinary medical costs during their pet's lifetime.How do I enroll my pets in the program?We recommend that you set an appointment with our Perpetual Care Coordinator to determine the specific needs and future needs of your pet(s) along with your decision on their future living arrangements. Based on the outcome of our discussion, we will create a financial plan that you can take to your estate planner or attorney, so that they can incorporate it into your will, and designate WMR as the care provider for your pets.If you have further questions or would like to set up arrangements for future perpetual care needs for your furry family, please email us at regarding felines and at for canines.

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Watermelon Mountain Ranch, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is New Mexico's Largest No-Kill Animal Shelter for homeless pets providing adoption, spay/neuter, and educational programs including Molly's Mercy Missions.

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