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Green Eyed Cat

Cat Surrender Information


Surrender fees help cover the cost of food, care, staffing and the guaranteed placement of your pet, plus any medical care that may be required.

  • $250 Cat Surrender Fee (if the cat is not already spayed/neutered)

  • $200 Cat Surrender Fee (up to 5 Years)

  • $250 Mother with Litter (up to 4 kittens) * $25 for each additional littermate over 4
    For Cats 6 years or older please see our Perpetual Care Program
    * Fee increases with existing medical conditions


When surrendering your cat here is some important information to know:

  • Your animal(s) must be in good health with current vaccinations complete with verifiable shot records

  • Your animal(s) will NOT be accepted if aggressive, feral or in poor health

  • Please note, we are a limited admission facility and can only accept animals based on space availability

  • All surrenders must be pre-coordinated via email prior bringing an animal to us to see if we have space available and if we will be able to accept your animal. Email with the following information:

    • Age

    • Disposition/Temperament

    • Is your cat sterilized and up to date on shots

    • Why are you surrendering your pet

  • Understand that if we accept your animal we will require a mandatory surrender fee to cover the partial cost of care and placement of your pet.




All animals must be surrendered at our Main campus in Rio Rancho only after a confirmation from our Feline Program Manager. No animals may be surrendered at the Mobile Adoption locations or Resale Stores.

All surrenders are made by appointment only.




Please email with the following information:

-Is your cat up to date on vaccinations? 

-Is your cat spayed/neutered? 

-Does your cat have any behavioral issues of note? (ie. dog friendly, cat friendly, child friendly)

-Does your cat have any pre-existing medical conditions?

-What is your cat's breed?

-What is your cat's age? 

-What is the reason for surrender?

Thank you.

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