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Working With Animals

Logo -Working with the Dogs

Our dogs LOVE volunteers and going for walks.

Below, we have listed important rules to follow while spending time with our furry friends:

  • We know our dogs are cute and lovable, but please DO NOT provide them with treats. Our staff spoils them rotten and they get more then they could possibly need. We ask that you do not give them treats so that they don’t fight amongst one another and remain safe. Also, we like to be aware of what they are eating in the event they become ill.
  • Before spending time with one of the dogs or taking them for a walk (even if you’ve worked with them before), please check with our kennel staff to see if it is okay.
  • When you’re ready to walk a dog, ask one of our kennel workers for a “slip leash” and about proper leash etiquette. Remember to return the leash.
  • We love having volunteers walk our dogs, but ask that children under the age of 16 allow their parent/guardian to hold the leash.This ensures proper safety for both our volunteers and animals.
  • All dogs should be walked on the dirt road parallel to the Ranch. If you approach a volunteer or staff member that has another animal, please do not let them interact with one another. Not all of our animals get along. We want to ensure everyone stays happy and safe

Logo -Working with the Cats

Cats are like ninjas, they are fast, silent & tricky.
To ensure they remain in the cattery and are kept safe, please follow these important rules:

  • Before opening any of the doors, make sure the one you came through is securely shut. Only 1 door should be open at a time
  • Our cats are separated based on their personalities. Please do not take them from one side to the other.
  • You are welcome to pet & pick-up the cats. If they hiss, growl or run away, please do not pursue them. It means they are not feeling social.
  • As with the dogs, please DO NOT provide the cats with treats. Our staff takes very good care of them and ensures that they receive plenty. We like to keep track of what they are eating in the event they become ill.
  • Unless you are a long term volunteer and have received approval from our staff, please do not visit with the cats in “Beth’s.” These cats need special care and are still getting used to being around people.
  • Please DO NOT go into “Katrina.” The cats in this facility are ill and should only be tended to by staff members.

Logo -Working with the Goats Pigs and Rabbits

Our goat & pig are great animals to learn from, but require special care.

  • You are more then welcome to bring treats for these animals, but we ask that you leave them for our staff to distribute or ask for their permission to provide them yourself.
  • When providing treats to these animals, please keep them in moderation. We want to ensure they stay healthy and do not over eat (especially the pigs). Here is what they enjoy:
    • PIGS (Louie & Louise): Red Apples, Carrots, Lettuce (NO iceberg lettuce) & Bananas
    • GOATS (Oscar & Diesel): Popcorn (plain, NO salt or butter) & Goat Oats (you can purchase a bag at any feed store)
  • You may see wild rabbits and guinea hens on the property, please do not chase or try to pick up these animals. We coexist at the Ranch with the wild creatures.



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